The standard youth longbow is made for boys and girls ages 5-8 years old, but that can certainly vary based on the child’s size and strength. Our standard youth longbows come in lengths of 48″, 52″, 56″, and 60″ and are a straight bow with no recurves at the tips of the bow.  We are offering this standard youth longbow in a wide variety of solid colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple, gray, brown, black, white, pink, bronze, silver, and gold.  We do offer more elaborate designs and deluxe finishes under the speciality youth longbow description in the section below. These youth longbows have a draw weight between 8-20 pounds depending on the length of the bow and the draw length.  I have included a very helpful chart at the bottom of this page that shows the draw weights for all of the variations of standard youth longbow lengths and draw length. This is a fully-functional, high quality youth longbow for those who need or want a smaller version of a longbow.  


Good King Archery longbows are made of schedule 40 PVC pipe and are very durable.  All of our youth longbows are ambidextrous, so it is an excellent left-handed and right-handed kids bow.  One excellent quality about our pvc kids bows are that they are waterproof and can get accidentally left in the yard during the rain, and can sit there in the grass through many morning dews.  They don’t chip or break unless one intentionally slams it repeatedly against another solid object (don’t do that).  Our youth longbows are also much more resilient to dry-firing if a child fires the bow without an arrow on the string.  Wooden bows usually can’t handle that type of treatment on a consistent basis.  In general, though, don’t dry fire this pvc youth longbow.

The string of our youth longbows is a 550 paracord.  The paracord does have an initial stretch, but we deal with that prior to shipping though test firing the bow multiple times to ensure proper functionality, safety, and accuracy. Paracord diameter is a bit larger than the average nylon or synthetic bow string, but all the arrow nocks we have found fit completely normal onto the paracord.  If your paracord bow string were ever to break, it is easy to replace and restring…please see our “Archery FAQs” section for more information and a video on how to string this youth longbow.


We offer a variety of arrow options with all of our longbows. These are fully functional and durable wooden arrows with a trio of green fletchings on the nock end.  There are a variety of arrow tip options including no tip (flat end), rubber tip, sharpened tip, and glue-on field points.  Our arrows are great for archery target practice and are very competitively priced at $3/arrow.  Check out the “Archery Arrows” section of the website for more information on our wooden arrow offerings. 

We also offer arrow rests if the child or youth might prefer to not shoot off their hand.  These arrow rests are glued tightly to the recurve bow itself right at the midpoint.  Our arrow rests are made in a way to reduce contact with the fletchings, and work better than most arrow rests with allowing reduced contacting shooting with vane fletched arrows if you will be shooting vane fletched arrows with this bow instead of feather fletched arrows.  For more information on our arrow rests, please check out the “Archery Arrows” page of the website.  

Although made for younger kids, these are not a toy.  These bows can hurt others or the archer if not used properly.  With each purchase of a Good King Archery longbow, you will receive safety instructions, so please read them over with the child to make sure they understand safety and proper use.  Provide adult supervision if possible at all times when the child uses the bow.  Three main rules:  First, never aim this bow at a human being or pet.  Second, never shoot the bow unless all human beings and pets in your yard or any other yard are completely behind you or not in the range in front of you.  Third, don’t aim the bow at any homes, garages, or exterior structures you don’t intend to damage with arrows.

Good King Archery’s guarantee is that our standard youth longbows will remain functional and retain  their color under any normal archery stresses.  We do seal with bow with two or more layers of sealant, but in time the sealant may chip away, but the bow should remain functional for years without issue given proper usage.  To purchase this standard youth longbow, please click the icon below:   



Details on specialty youth longbows here…